Lunar New Year Spin the Wheel

If you're new to spin the wheel, click the button below to view the basic instructions

What is Spin the Wheel?

Spin the Wheel is a pack game where you can win some amazing players!

How does it work?

The basic concept is easy. The wheel has different categories of player types. Click the spin button and whatever the player points to when the wheel stops is what you get.

What does add to power mean?

This is where it gets interesting. When you get a player from the wheel, you have two choices. You can store the player in your club or you can add them to your power. You can only do one or the other though, so choose wisely. When you choose to add a player to power, your power meter will go up by the power value of that player. You can see the player's power value below their price.

Once you have built up a little power in your meter, you will be able to choose to do a power spin.

Why did I get a player worth negative power?

Sometimes you will randomly get a player who is worth negative power. If you've gone over the amount of power you want, you can add this player to power to reduce the amount of power in your meter. If you don't want to reduce your power, simply add this player to your club.

When should I do a power spin?

When you do a power spin, you use up all the power in your power meter, so you need to time your power spins carefully. The more power you use on a power spin, the better your chances will be to get a good player. You can see the amount of bonus luck you'll receive if you power spin with that much power displayed below your power meter. The bonus stops at 100%, but you can keep adding more power after that if you want to try for a power player. You always have a chance to get a gold player though, so it's all about balancing the time you spend building up power versus the chances you're willing to take

What are LNY power players?

Lunar New Year power players are valuable players that can only be found by playing LNY Spin the Wheel. There's a trick to getting them though. You can only get them if you're very careful about timing your power spins.

What is the wildcard spot on the wheel?

The wildcard spot on the wheel can give you team of the week players, team of the year players, ones to watch players, and more as they're released into the game.

Anything else I need to know?

Make sure you're only using one browser tab at a time on futwatch. If you spin the wheel in multiple tabs or open packs in one tab while you spin the wheel in another, your players aren't going to store properly and you're going to lose your power.

Why did the wheel land on X, but I received Y kind of player?

The wheel is spun and your player is selected on the server. The server then tells your browser which player to display and where to stop the wheel. However, very rarely, your browser may glitch and stop the spin animation early. This causes the point on the wheel where the player is pointing not to match the player that appears. However, there's no way for the wrong player to pop up. Whichever player you receive is where your browser was supposed to stop the wheel.

What's special about the Lunar New Year version of Spin the Wheel?

The power players in this version of Spin the Wheel are exclusive to the LNY wheel. You can't find regular power players here, nor can you find LNY power players in the regular or Happy Hour wheels

The power generated from players is boosted by 10%. In addition, certain specific players will provide additional bonuses.

Certain power spins will grant you a firecracker in addition to a player. Firecrackers are automatically stored in your club and can be exchanged for various rewards

Click here to exchange your firecrackers