Futwatch raffle house

Raffle tickets cost 10 futwatch coins each. Every day at midnight UK time, one winner for each prize will be selected randomly from the day's entries and the prize automatically will be added to the winner's club. The raffle prize changes monthly.

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This month's prizes are:

1st place

headshot of Chhetri Sunil Chhetri
badge of
flag of India
94 PAC
93 SHO
80 PAS
89 DRI
52 DEF
94 PHY

2nd place

3x Wildcard Pick

3rd place

2x Wildcard Pack

Each winner will also receive a trophy for their profile:

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

You have no entries into today's raffle. If you don't buy a ticket, as they say...

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Yesterday's Winners:

bernard - 1200 tickets purchased

Tjsy2k16 - 33 tickets purchased

jamm - 456 tickets purchased