Welcome to Halloween on Futwatch!

Here's how it works:

All the clubs on Futwatch are participating in trick or treating this year. As you explore the Futwatch neighborhood, you'll be presented with six houses at a time. Each house belongs to a different club on Futwatch.

When you visit someone's house, you will be given one random player that they have in their club. The player won't actually be removed from that club, instead you'll be given a copy of that player.

In addition to receiving a player, you will also receive one piece of candy. Each house will be giving out a different type of candy.

Each time you receive a piece of candy, you will put it in your candy bag. Your candy bag can only hold five pieces of candy, so when it fills up, you'll have to eat what you've collected. If you have the right mix of candy in your bag when you eat it, you will be given a special Halloween player or another special bonus.

Once a piece of candy is placed in your bag, it can only be removed when you have filled your bag and you eat the candy. If you don't want any of the particular candy being given out from your choice of houses, you can select the house that's giving out carrots. No one wants carrots on Halloween, so if you visit that house, you won't put anything in your candy bag.

Note that if a player has been discarded from someone's club, you can still receive that discarded player by visiting their house. You can only receive players from trick or treating that are otherwise available in throwback packs (e.g., Gold, Ballon d'Or, Icon, Pro, TOTW, etc.). Halloween players, daily rewards players, etc. are not eligible. If you visit a house with fewer than 50 eligible players, you will receive a random rare gold player.

This will all make sense once you get started, so let's go trick or treating!

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