Top Concept Packs: 24 hours


Username Pack Value
Elmir 10 and Kevin10111,607,950
Lil Blue10,055,650
Lil Blue9,545,600
Lil Blue9,113,550
Lil Blue8,775,250
Lil Blue8,698,500
Lil Blue8,049,400
Lil Blue7,985,300
Lil Blue7,703,200
Lil Blue6,309,950
Lil Blue5,191,600
Lil Blue4,682,100
Elmir 10 and Kevin1014,560,900
Elmir 10 and Kevin1014,544,300
Shai is cool4,531,050
Elmir 10 and Kevin1014,057,500
Shai is cool4,045,050
Lil Blue4,011,100
2019-20 manchester city3,930,050
Lil Blue3,901,000
Elmir 10 and Kevin1013,779,450
Lil Blue3,254,350
Lil Blue3,195,400