Happy Easter Fools Day!

Easter Fool's Day might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't keep celebrating!

You can purchase Easter packs in the coin catalogue.

Open Easter Packs to collect eggs that look like this:

Trade those eggs in to earn special packs and profile trophies

Easter packs also contain special Easter players and April Fool's Day players

Bunney  easter
headshot of  Joe Bunney
badge of Northampton Town
flag of England
75 PAC
65 SHO
68 PAS
63 DRI
68 DEF
78 PHY
Dost  apf006
headshot of  Bas Dost
badge of
flag of
60 PAC
83 SHO
57 PAS
64 DRI
43 DEF
83 PHY

Collect all the Easter players to unlock a set reward Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus  easter
headshot of Gabriel Jesus Gabriel Fernando de Jesus
badge of Manchester City
flag of Brazil
Gabriel Jesus
95 PAC
89 SHO
80 PAS
95 DRI
36 DEF
78 PHY

Don't forget to claim Easter Koke, available exclusively from the SBC

Koke  easter
headshot of Koke Jorge Resurrección
badge of Atlético Madrid
flag of Spain
80 PAC
83 SHO
94 PAS
89 DRI
73 DEF
84 PHY

There are also 8 unique Easter eggs hidden throughout Futwatch. For each egg you find, you can claim an April Fool's Day Balloon d'Or player

Kaká  balloon
headshot of Kaká Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite
badge of Milan
flag of Brazil
95 PAC
92 SHO
93 PAS
95 DRI
65 DEF
70 PHY

You'll have to look closely though. The eggs are small. They look like this:

Because the actual holiday is over, you must visit this page after each log in to activate the hidden eggs. If you're seeing this message, the hunt is NOT active. Click the egg below to activate the egg hunt

Collect all 8 hidden eggs to earn a special Egg Hunter promo card. But hurry, whoever finds them all first will receive a unique one-of-a-kind 99-rated version

Egg Hunter  promo
headshot of
badge of
flag of
Egg Hunter
99 PAC
99 SHO
99 PAS
99 DRI
99 DEF
99 PHY