Futwatch Frequently Asked Questions & Help

1. How can I see someone's club or profile?

You can view any futwatch profile by going to So if your username is WHUFC, you can see your profile at From here you can click through to that person's clubs, see their stats, and more.

2. How can I add someone as a friend?

Visit their profile page using the instructions above and click the "Add as friend" button at the top of the page

3. How can I see what players are available to pack?

Every player can be seen by going to

The latest players in packs can be seen by going to

4. When is happy hour?

Happy hour is not on a set schedule and happens randomly every 5-15 hours. Click here to see when the next happy hour will take place.

5. Why did I get X player's regular card when his IF is in packs?

If you opened a throwback, happy hour, mini pack, or any other pack that can contain a throwback player, this is possible. No one is removed from throwback packs, so it's possible to get a NIF version, an IF version, and a throwback version of the same player all in the same pack! If you opened a regular, non-throwback pack, please contact us so that we can fix the issue.

6. I stored a player in my club, but he's not there! What's going on?

Likely one of two things. You either opened another pack before it finished storing the first one or you opened multiple tabs/windows.
Make sure that you see the button change from "store" to "processing" to "stored" before you open your next pack. Otherwise, your player will not be stored. Even better, store the players individually so that you can see their name next to stored.
Don't open more than one tab or window to open packs. If you do, it's very likely that your players will not store properly.

7. I forgot to store a player in my club, can you help? or I accidentally deleted a player from my club, can you add him back? or Someone hacked me and my player is gone! or My friend deleted my player!

Sorry, but we can no longer accommodate these requests. Go slower so that you don't forget to store your players. If your friend deleted your player, get a new friend.

8. My club is gone, what happened? or Why did it make me enter a new username?

Make sure you're logged into the same facebook or twitter account you used previously. If there are multiple facebook or twitter accounts in use on your computer, you may need to go directly to facebook or twitter and log out before logging into your account on futwatch.

9. My club value went down or is 0, what happened?

Two things can make your club value decrease. 1) If you remove a player from your club, you will lose the value of that player. 2) Prices are periodically adjusted based on the xbox market. If you pack an in form player on the day of his release, his price is likely going to fall over the next few days and therefore your club value will too.

If you have just started your club, your club's value will be 0 until the next club value update. It can take up to 12 hours for new clubs to have a club value

10. What are those green cards? What are those black cards? Where can I pack them?

For a list of all the kinds of cards on the site and where you can pack them, see the card index

11. What are futwatch coins and how do I redeem them?

Futwatch coins are earned by opening daily reward packs as well as through other limited-time events like holidays. You can use your futwatch coins to buy past birthday players, customize your Spin the Wheel, and open special packs.

You can redeem your futwatch coins in the coin catalogue

12. Can I have a free player?

Asking for a free player is a very good way to ensure that you won't be given a free player. Please don't beg.

13. Why did I get temporarily banned from opening packs?

You were either opening packs excessively fast or you were using a bot/website/other tool to open packs for you. Lots of people want to use futwatch and when you use a program to open more packs than a normal person could, you slow down the site for everyone else. Repeated offenses will result in a club reset and/or a permanent pack ban. If you have any questions or you think you're receiving a temporary ban in error, tweet or email the address below.

14. I won something on twitch, how do I get it?

Congratulations! If you won something on twitch, it will be added to your club after the stream is over. Sometimes it can take a few hours, so please be patient. If you still haven't received it after a few hours, email [email protected]

15. I have a promo / giveaway code. Where can I enter it?

Enter your code here

16. What is your privacy policy?

You may review our privacy policy here

17. Something is broken. What should I do?

Tweet any bugs or problems to @futwatch or email us