Welcome to Valentine's Day on Futwatch!

Here's how it works:

Open Valentines packs to find Secret Admirer players. Secret Admirer players look like this:

Secret Admirer  vday
headshot of BOUJELLAB Nassim Boujellab
badge of Heart of Midlothian
flag of
Secret Admirer
14 PAC
14 SHO
14 PAS
14 DRI
14 DEF
14 PHY

Make sure to store them in your club because each one you collect will allow you to send a valentine to another player on futwatch

Valentines are friendly messages that you can send to other players. You can customize these messages with different player faces and custom text

Every time someone receives a valentine, they will also receive a Valentine Player Pack in the "my packs" section of their profile. These packs will guarantee one special Valentine player and a second bonus player

The Valentine player you can receive in your pack depends on which team you're on and which team the person who sent you the valentine is on

When you press the "begin" button below, you will be randomly assigned to one of four teams

In order to collect all the different Valentines players, you will need to receive valentines from people on each team. In addition, the team that sends the most valentines by the end of February will receive a special reward

You can send a valentine to anyone on your friends list or to a random club on futwatch. You can also send someone a valentine by clicking on their team badge on their profile. Remember, Valentine's Day is a day for recognizing the people in our life that we care about, so make sure to be nice and send lots of Valentines

As an extra incentive, every time you send a Valentine, your heart meter will fill up a little more. Each time you fill up your heart meter, you'll be rewarded with a heart pack. This one-player pack can include nearly any player on Futwatch

For help on adding a club to your friends list, click here

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